17 October 2019

Reflections on the 4th Democratic Debate

I watched the 4th Democratic Debate. As always, Sanders and Warren are impressive for their focus on the wealth gap. As Wilkinson and Pickett's book The Spirit Level shows, inequality is economic equivalent of Ebola crossed with the common cold. It's going to infect and destroy everything.

Biden continues to be unimpressive. His campaign slogan appears to be, "Elect me and I'll ensure that nothing at all changes in Washington."

Buttigieg, after coming across as a very authentic person, was a bit of a disappointment as well. The exchange between Gabbard and Buttigieg was interesting. Gabbard deserves credit for coming out clearly against foreign interventions. Buttigieg voiced the same lines we've been hearing for decades--"We need to leave the Middle East but just one more tiny intervention before we go. (No, I take that back, just one more, last one, I promise.)" The fact that much of the non-interventionist rhetoric is coming from people that are economically more right-wing is interesting. It shows how deeply entrenched the military-industrial complex has become.

Klobuchar suffers from a dual curse, a complete lack of ideas accompanied by a lack of charisma. I don't understand how she's still on the debate stage.

Harris continues to impress with her speaking abilities. She'll definitely be someone to reckon with in the years to come.

Booker had a better performance, although I'm not that "let's be nice to each other and all get along" constitutes a catchy campaign slogan.

The most disappointing part of the whole debate was watching everyone pile onto Warren about the possibility that she'd raise taxes to pay for universal healthcare. Every advanced country in the world has universal healthcare, and it's always much cheaper than U.S. healthcare. Who cares whether they send their check to the IRS or to their insurer, or whether the company they work for deducts the money from their wages?! It's just a huge distraction. As Warren says, let's consider costs and drop all the smoke and mirrors being used by the crowds of politicians funded by big Pharma and the other immoral thugs and lobbyist who control the country.

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