8 May 2018

Welcoming the newest member to the nuclear club

Trump has nixed the nuclear deal with Iran. This has to be the surest way to ensure that Iran will get nuclear weapons. While I'm sure that the U.S. is ready to rubber stamp any Israeli plans to lob a few missiles at Iranian nuclear development sites, neither nation has the stomach for a full-scale invasion, and without that, it's a fait accompli. Iran has surely read the writing on the wall. Build the nukes and they will come--to the negotiating table, that is. Just look at North Korea. As bellicose and idiotic as the regime is, no one (outside of tabloidesque op-eds) has plans to bomb the North. And for good reason. Of course, I'm sure that Trump could care less about the long-term effects this will have on Iran's nuclear ambitions. He's thrown his weight behind Israel and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East's proxy war. We'll just ignore, for the moment, that most of the backing for terrorist groups in the Middle East is coming from money funneled through Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. Iran is one of the few places in the area that doesn't have bombs constantly going off in markets--but the McLeader of the "free" world is working hard to change that.

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