15 May 2018

The embassy move

I could care less about the move of the American embassy to Jerusalem. If that's where Israel wants to put their embassy, more power to them. The status of the Palestinians is another matter. As pointed out by so many this last week, the Gaza Strip has become a giant open-air prison. The current thugs running the Israeli government treat these desperate people like dogs. There's no hope while the Israeli far right's in charge. This photo of Fadi Abu Saleh, a Palestinian in Gaza confronting Israeli soldiers, was widely circulated last week. Israeli troops shot him dead.


Beach Bum said...

Other than saying I've come to hate the Israeli government and those here in the United States that support it, I'm at a loss for words.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is worth examining how Gaza came to be an open air prison as you call it? What happened in the decade plus after Israel pulled out? Why didn't Arabs build a Singapore of the Middle East?

Karlo said...

Give people a country and let them choose their leaders. Then they can be responsible for their failures (and take credit for their successes).