14 May 2018

A poem for our times


born again profiteering false prophets

professing to protect the unborn only
to undo them, undermine them,
mine them monetarily once
the unborn is born time again
holier -than- thou hooligans who,
when all life is pro-life,
fight for the welfare of the fetus
but not welfare for the newborn
holier -than- thou hooligans
passing out evangelical mulligans
to impious charlatans peddling
sanctimonious pro-life demagoguery

holier -than- thou hypocrites, pimping
spurious sentiments and sacraments
to protect the unborn only to undo them,
unvoice them, undermine them, divide them
by race, class and choice in order to monetarily
abort the unborn once they are newborns

by Neal Hall

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