20 May 2018

America's rifle

An AR-15 or a modified version of one was used to commit the attacks in Aurora, Colorado (June 2012); Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut (December 2012); San Bernardino, California (December 2015); First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas (November 2017); and Parkland, Florida (February 2018). Yet according to the NRA, this is "America's rifle."


TJandTheBear said...

Yes, 15 million plus of them in the U.S. and yet they account for less homicides than knives or even bare hands... approximately 100 annually. That infinitesimally low level makes them one of the least misused products in the entire country.

Karlo said...

What are the stats for murders with bare hands and knives?

TJandTheBear said...

FBI: Murder Victims by Weapon

Rifles (all kinds): ~295 per year / 5 year average
Clubs/hammers/etc.: ~463 per year / 5 year average
Hands/fists/feet : ~678 per year / 5 year average
Knives/blades/etc.: ~1576 per year / 5 year average

Karlo said...

Is that per 100,000 people or the whole U.S.? For the whole U.S., it would have to be much much higher (about 10 times what you have). The Wikipedia page (which seems to be well sourced) has much higher numbers, for example:


TJandTheBear said...
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TJandTheBear said...

Those are entire year numbers, but again, just for rifles. AR15 are considered rifles, and constitute no more than a third of the rifle total.

All guns -- covered under "Total Firearms" -- average ~9387 a year.

Karlo said...

Isee. I'd agree that handguns are more of an issue since they're easy to conceal. That said, I don't see why society benefits from individuals being allowed to own miliary rifles. The meme that they protect societies from takeover by corrupt governments is demonstratably false. (Many of the societies taken over by corrupt governments have plenty of guns.) They're inferior as hunting rifles. For self defense in a house, they're inferior to handguns. I grew up with a lot of guns but having spent much of my life overseas in countries with no guns, I've got to say that I much prefer walking down the street at night knowing that the most I'll face is a knife. If someone comes at me with a knife, they'd better not trip or be somewhere where I can grab a rock or a piece of metal.

TJandTheBear said...

And I respectfully disagree. I can take your opinions apart, but no need for a diatribe.

Let me leave you with this: Guns are the ultimate expression of individual empowerment and equality. An armed, trained young woman is the equal of any man (or gang of same). Same for any person likely to be targeted for their looks, orientation, beliefs, etc. Why is a level-playing field desirable for everything other than defending yourself and your loved ones?

p.s.: I'd avoid making assumptions about my leanings as you'd inevitably be wrong.