5 April 2016

My Skype nightmare

Skype recently deleted my account. When I asked why, they claim I've violated their agreement. However, they refuse to say how. (I'm totally mystified by all this since I only use Skype to call family and friends.) I have a significant amount of money in my Skype account, which they apparently plan on keeping without providing a refund. Needless to say, I'm very pissed off about the whole thing. Making matters worse, it's simply impossible to get anyone on the phone or a chat who has authorization to do anything. For all of you who use Skype, I'd think twice about giving them any money. There are much better (and cheaper) services available, such as Google Hangouts.


Tom Harper said...

Thanks for the warning. Personally I'm too much of a Luddite to bother with any of those picture/phone/Intertubes contraptions. But if this ever changes, I'll be sure to use somebody other than Skype.

This can't be legal, what they're doing. Isn't there a Consumer Affairs agency that you could sic on them? Unless there's something in your contract with Skype -- clearly spelled out in Exclusion J(a)(iii) on page 87, written in Legalese in a .01 font size.

Karlo said...

There is a Consumer Affairs Agency. I used there online form one time many years ago. Nothing happened. I'm amazed by the company's reaction and their refusal to say what they think I did wrong. When they shut the account down, they claim that one reason is because the account may have been hacked. If this is a possibility, it seems like hackers could have committed a violation, in which case, they should at least get with me to ensure that this isn't the case. My feeling is that they have so few real people working for the company, that they cut corners by doing the simplest thing whenever a problem arises. If they can steal money from a customer in the process, so much the better.