18 January 2016

Reflections on the January 2016 Democratic Debate

Watching the debate, I get the feeling that there's an effort by NBC to favor Hillary. For example, they've selected clips that show Hillary in a positive light and show Sanders in a negative light during each of the breaks. Along similar lines, the Democratic Party has also done its best to limit Sanders' exposure by limiting debates and putting them all at bad times. Sanders did a great job of pointing out the key problem plague U.S. politics: money. Hillary threw out a bunch of red herrings. Her attack on Sanders' position on healthcare is especially idiotic, something about "throwing out Obamacare" in a move to single payer. As if changes to a government-run system would somehow eliminate the benefits of our current system. O'Malley isn't a contender so his current run is really more for gaining name recognition for future runs. With this in mind, he's doing very well. He appears to have some a decent record in office and puts forth some interesting proposals.

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