24 November 2015

ISIS support in Muslim countries

A recent Pew poll shows little support for ISIS in Muslim countries. I don't know whether I should take heart from the low numbers. I'm a bit gobsmacked that around ten percent of many populations have somehow formed a favorable opinion of this group that kills virtually anyone outside their little community of psychopaths and cowed followers. Of course, the radical fringe in the U.S. and elsewhere believes all sorts of nonsense, which is all dandy if they confine their craziness to gazing at their smartphones or Internet porn all day without venturing out into meat-space to actually act on their warped world views. Watching the biographies of some of the key ISIS figures, I can't quite grok the typical jihadi narrative, these people who were, only months before, drug addicts and pimps and have suddenly seen the way and believe that become an Islamic knight in shining armor (with accompanying suicide vest) will somehow wash away all the puerile peccadilloes. I guess we humans, in the face of the immense suffering and transitory nature of life, can sometimes--in our weakest moments--grasp at anything that promises us an escape, whether it's a drug or utopian fantasy.

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