11 November 2015

4th GOP debate

Rubio memorizes his entire speech beforehand so he always sounds like an old-fashioned orator. It’s going to be hard for establishment politicians like Rubio, Bush or Kasich to get traction since the wacky “outsider” candidates (Trump, Carson, and Fiorina) are all following the conservative meme of trickle-down economics—the notion that cutting government and drastically cutting taxes (mostly to benefit the wealthy) will magically make the economy grow at remarkable rates lifting all in the economy.

There was a good exchange between Paul and Rubio when Paul attacked Rubio’s tax plan that offering tax-cuts for childcare.

The Fox News moderators point out the obvious that the tax plans would send the deficit skyward, but they should have worked harder to hold their feet to the fire. No sensible economist predicts the type of growth needed to offset the reduction tax revenues.

Fiorina gets the history of the bank-bailout right—explicitly blaming both Democratic and Republican administrations.

Trunp had a good screed on letting others police the Middle East. Fiorina and Bush both did their best to go after him. Paul’s line that it’s possible to be strong without getting involved in every civil war in the world was right on. He also accurately pointed out that America’s current batch of villains were people the U.S. formerly supported, and made the link (that's universally ignored) between high military spending and less security (due to increased federal debt).

One major gaff if the debate occurred when Trump ranted about China in the context of the latest trade pact, only to have Paul quietly point out that the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal doesn't even involve China. 

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