26 September 2015


I watched Boyhood last night. The film's great innovation is the use of the same child actor (shown on the right in the picture) as the actor ages over a period of 12 years. Critics almost universally loved the film. Personally, I enjoyed many of those parts featuring Ethan Hawke and some of the later parts showing the boy--"Mason Evans"--as a teen. That said, I'd have to agree with one of the film's few detractors (Kenneth Turan at the LA Times) who said of the film that the "animating idea is more interesting than its actual satisfactions." People praised the realism of the film, but for me too much realism makes me feel a bit cheated. I get reality 24/7. In films, we don't really need to see people doing trivial activities. On the other hand, I'd highly recommend the film for those who want insights into American culture. I think it does a great job of depicting what childhood is often like in the U.S.

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