10 August 2015

The Secret Life of Bees: The movie

Having read the book, I watched the movie The Secret Life of Bees last night. The movie actually follows the book very closely, deviating only in the part where Zach gets arrested. (In the movie, it's because Zach and Lily sat together in a movie theater instead of sitting separately in the black and white sections of the theater. In the book, Zach is arrested simply because he refuses to tell the police that his friend [who had been provoked] threw a bottle, hitting a man.) Another minor difference--actually important to the plot--was that in the book, Lily runs up to her dad at the end as he's leaving and asks him if she really shot her mother as a toddler. Her father confirms that she did (putting a bit of a damper on the fairy tale ending.) For some reason, the movie omits this. The acting's good, and I felt like the second part of the movie was very well done.

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