7 August 2015

Republican debate: The questions that went unasked

Bernie Sanders had a good summary of the debates, saying that it was essentially all about (1) tax breaks for the rich, (2) more people losing health insurance, and (3) more talk about war."  Thinking back on it, what was really remarkable was the questions not being asked. Where were the questions about income inequality, the cost of education, and so on? Instead of letting candidates drone on about the evils of healthcare, why didn't the moderators ask them how, in concrete terms, they planned to achieve the low cost and high (generally universal) access to healthcare found in most other advanced economies?


Stagflationary Mark said...

My girlfriend, as a chronic pain sufferer, certainly knows about the evil of healthcare.

She is supposed to get expensive injections every three months. The shots are extremely painful but give her about three months of relief.

It's been about two years since she last got them though. Her insurance company has figured out how to approve them in a way so she can't actually get them. The pre-authorization is only good for a month, but the waiting list is more than two months. That math never seems to work. Sigh.

Maybe we just need fewer government regulations to make things all better. And maybe, just maybe, pigs will learn to fly. Could happen. Maybe. Okay, probably not. Sigh.

Karlo said...

I've had terrible experiences with the U.S. healthcare system. My guess is that those who praise its merits have never stepped out of the country. In many countries I've been in, you simply go see a doctor (no appointment necessary), get seen, and then get a very reasonable bill that anyone working any job could pay. The U.S. system is truly a fiasco.

Stagflationary Mark said...

The Onion did a satirical summary of the debate that you might enjoy.

The Onion: Most Used Words In The GOP Debate

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Tom Harper said...

The GOP candidates discussed the vital issues that Real Americans are concerned about: the Homosexual Agenda and how it threatens to sap America's moral fiber; the hateful Class Warfare being instigated by Saul Alinsky and George Soros; Barack Hussein Osama's constant apologizing for America; and the fact that millions of decent Christians are no longer free to practice their sacred rituals of beating up homosexuals and swarthy minorities when God tells them to.

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Karlo said...

As Amerukun as apple pie.