10 April 2015


I finally got around to watching Interstellar. Since I like most sci-fi (except simplistic human vs. aliens cowboys in space sorts of flix), I found it entertaining. That said, the whole thing was a bit underwhelming. Couldn't they pay a starving students from an astrology department somewhere to come up with a more feasible premise (or perhaps better--simply omit the pseudo-scientific explanations altogether)? Since the film took us to alien planets, it would also be nice to see something more exotic than a couple giants waves and snow covered rocks.


CyberKitten said...

I enjoyed the first half but from about half way it got worse and rather silly. I groaned out loud when they said that love was the only thing that could make it out of a black hole. I think maybe I threw up in my mouth a little.

Oh, and did you clue in on the bit that made no sense at all? If future humans built the 'whatever it was' that he was using to communicate with his daughter how exactly did they survive the first time to exist in the future to allow him to report his findings back into the past to save humanity?

Karlo said...

I guess love conquers all, allowing our hero to zip back to non-existing pasts from imagined futures.