14 January 2015

L'enfant Plaza accident

On Jan. 12, the DC Metro had a mishap near L'Enfant Plaza. The tunnel (and eventually the trains as well) filled up with smoke, causing extensive smoke-inhalation injuries and one death. The metro personnel dropped the ball in this case, leaving people on the train (apparently with no information) for much longer than was necessary. This doesn't surprise me. My experience in the DC Metro was that it was a very third-world sort of affair (no offense intended to third world train operators). Trains would stop running on a fairly regular basis; giant rats ran around everywhere; and large segments of the ceiling were falling. Visually, it's unnecessarily ugly with a sort of grey stained wall sort of theme. (The one exception is Union Station, which is beautiful and a great place to hang out.)


Vancouver Voyeur said...

It is ugly and depressingly gray down there. I had wondered why there wasn't some effort to make it a nicer place to be. It feels like a giant tomb in some places.

Karlo said...

It is depressing. If nothing else, why can't they at least give some artistic highschoolers some paint and let them go at it. Anything would look better.