23 November 2014

My thoughts on two films: The Motel Life and Night Moves

I just finished watching The Motel Life. It's a very melancholy reflection on some sad people with sad lives and sad pasts living on society's sad fringes. Although the plot meanders, it  works at some level. I also recently saw Night Moves, a film about eco-terrorists in Oregon. I enjoyed this as well, but I can't really recommend it. The story, in this case, is very slow, and although Jesse Eisenberg brings electricity to pretty much any role, his character is so down-played and his thought-processes so opaque that it's hard to feel very intrigued by the story. As I'm from the west coast, it's fun to see one's old stomping grounds portrayed as an exotic land on the big screen. That said, at a few points, the writers get the mood wrong, as when, for example, the hippy farmer co-op groupies listen to blue grass at a gathering. Also, with a group of people who are supposedly from central Oregon, it's odd that anarchist ideas aren't brought up anywhere (unless I missed something).

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