22 July 2014

Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter

I just finished watching Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter, a 2013 German TV series. I just about passed it up due to the dopey English title Generation War, but I'm glad I watched. The film follows five friends after they split up in Berlin around the beginning of WWII. The actual fighting scenes are shot very well, capturing some sense of the jarring effect that large weapons must have when one is actually in a battle. Like so many movies, the film has a completely unrealistic premise of people continually running across each other within the enormous Eurasian theater of war, but I guess a little suspension of disbelief is always called for--it's a movie after all. Unlike many American films, the characters are geeky enough to be believable. Some of the dialogue associated with Friedhelm, who has no patriotic feeling or delusions about the war from the beginning, are interesting. For example, at one point toward the end, his friend asks him how he can keep on fighting, fully aware that the war's coming to a close--what's the point? In a deadpan, he responds that there never was a point.

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Garth said...

Also when asked by a younger soldier, how do you get through the battles,? he replies
"You hope that it is the guy next to you that takes the bullet"