30 June 2014

Winter's Bone: A for authenticity, F for plot

I just watched Winter's Bone. The film does a spectacular job at catching the mood of rural white poverty. Although never really poor, I grew up around a lot of poverty, so the scenes brought back many memories from childhood--the trashy yards and only partly functioning toys strewn about. My guess is they filmed actual locations; I can't imagine anyone creating such authentic sets. The film's characters are likewise very authentic. That said, I wish they would have had a more intriguing plot. Please tell me if I missed something.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Yes, very authentic sets, costumes and dialect, the story was lacking a little, but maybe the plot followed the logic of the people. Having grown up in deep poverty and having grown up among poor, illiterate addicts, I remember having a hard time understanding what they did and why they did things. I remember asking my mother on numerous occasions if I was adopted because I didn't think like anyone in my family. I would point out how they did the same things all the time with the same result and why didn't they do something different and they would look at me as if I had two heads. I think when you are so poor with little education and everyone around you is in the same boat, it's hard to step outside the box and do things differently. When I watched Winters Bone, it made me think of my childhood, the poor decision making abilities of the adults around me, the viciousness and hopelessness.

Karlo said...

I grew up about a mile from a large hippy commune that I visited a lot since a friend lived there. So many of the scenes from the movie really brought back memories of the place.