4 March 2014

Generational shift towards more rational drug policy

This is a great documentary from a few years back, suggesting that the U.S. is slowly moving towards a slightly more rational policy on scientific experimentation with hallucinogens. Research data have shown that many of the substances are perfectly safe and of tremendous value. Since our society already accepts so much in the way of unhealthy consumption and behaviors, I find it hypocritical that government bureaucrats are allowed to dictate citizens' appraisal of risks, which in the case of some psychedelics (especially LSD), have been shown to be virtually nonexistent.
In other news, D.C. has decriminalized marijuana. Since many of the arrests for pot have involved the city's black population, this is a positive move that will refocus law enforcement to more needed areas.


Tom Harper said...

I haven't had a chance to look at the video, but a change in our drug policies is long overdue. LSD and Ecstasy, before they became illegal, were showing great potential for certain psychiatric problems.

Karlo said...

A Canadian research center had a lot of success using LSD to treat alcoholism. From everything I've heard, LSD is much safer in every way compared to most drugs that are legal, so I can't understand the paranoia.