14 September 2013

The Seager equation

The shift in the quest to detect extraterrestrial life is rightly shifting toward the detection of any type of life--to include the unintelligent kind that swims in mud puddles. Centauri Dreams has a post on Sara Seager's new reformulation of the Drake Equation:

In Seager’s view, there is at least “a remote shot” that we’ll detect a biosignature within the next ten years. Inferring some kind of life on a distant world isn’t like being handed the password to the Encyclopedia Galactica, but it would tell us that life is not confined to our own world.
How striking to think that the first discovery of life elsewhere may come from the light of a distant exoplanet rather than from an object in our own Solar System! But ponder: Seager is talking about a possible biosignature detection within a mere ten years. Are we likely to have unambiguous evidence of life on Mars, Europa or any other nearby object as soon as that?
This is exciting stuff. To think that we could be just a decade away from seeing our first sign of distant life in the universe!


CyberKitten said...

Definitely exciting! I do so hope that we have some evidence in my lifetime. I'd spend the rest of my life with a told-you-so smile on my face!

Karlo said...

Let's keep our fingers crossed!