4 September 2013

Joy as experience vs. joy as memory

Daniel Kahneman, an expert in behavioral economics, has an excellent talk on the difference between happiness as a moment-to-moment experience (the actual experience of happiness while immersed in life) and happiness as a reflection (being happy with one's life). The talk is important when we consider polls, which usually only take into account the latter type of happiness (which, as Kahneman suggests, should actually be considered less important). During the short question period, Kahneman also mentions recent findings that show that increases in wealth beyond $60,000 a year makes no difference at all to experienced happiness but does influence people's evaluation of their happiness with their life. The finding has significant policy implications since it essentially means that the easiest way to increase a society's overall happiness would be to focus on the lower and middle class. (In other words, turning U.S. policy around from its previous three-decade trend).


shtove said...

Daniel, not David,

Karlo said...

How in the world did I miss that! It`s right there on the video! I`ve changed it. Thanks!