25 September 2013

Is the world's policeman retiring?

If the Syrian accord goes through and Iranian-U.S. relations thaw, Obama will be able to declare some major foreign policy successes, taking some of the wind out of the sails of Republicans hawks and naysayers during the next election cycle. That said, the U.S. military, if it's going to continue its skimming of all the cream from atop the U.S. economic pie, will have to justify its existence somehow. Since the U.S. public doesn't have much appetite for African adventures, this would leave the Middle East. Unfortunately (for the masters of war), the American public has seen the movie countless times. I'm not so sure they'll sit quietly through yet another rerun.


Jazzbumpa said...

Have we ever invaded China?

Could be a whole new untapped marketing opportunity.


Karlo said...

I'm really hoping nobody's that crazy...