26 June 2013


I recently watch Kumaré, a documentary about a young Indian-American man who pretends to be a guru in Arizona and develops a following. I would agree with those who complained about the film-maker's deception. Many of the hoodwinked disciples in the film come off as very genuine people, seeking to improve themselves That said, the sight of self-assured new-age types confidently pontificating about the pseudoguru's magnificent aura and psychic powers is certainly LOLworthy. The most ironic feature of the film is that the message of the "guru" is that he is fake. (Of course, there's a metaphorical reading of the message, to the effect that human personality is, in a fundamental sense, false.) The fact that someone could pass themselves off as a guru so easily should give all guru-seekers (or religious people of any flavor, for that matter) reason to stop and consider the foundations of their faith.

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