16 June 2013

The Great Gatsby: Not great but quite good

Last night I watched The Great Gatsby. If you're going to see this, I'd definitely try to watch it on the big screen. I loved the party scenes, and the surrealistic use of modern music clips for 1920s parties actually worked for me. The party scenes are spectacular, providing the visual candy of the film. I haven't read the book, but I've heard that the film innovated in having the narration appear from Carraway (who's being psychoanalyzed). Since there's no point at which the psychoanalyst poses any psychological question, this framing device struck me as a waste of time. Overall, I'd recommend this. After watching about ten DiCaprio films, the only one that I didn't much care for was J. Edgar, and I think most of the blame for that belongs to the scriptwriter instead of to the actor.

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