7 November 2012

A victory of sorts

While I would fully agree with those who say that Obama's policies don't differ substantially from those of the Republicans, the Democrats at least represent a less flagrantly plutocratic version of the status quo. They'll throw slightly less money away on "defense" (a loaded word if there ever was one), and will give less away to the wealthy in tax breaks (although still giving away far too much). More importantly, we've avoided letting the Republicons change the Supreme Court, which would have moved us back to the 1950s on women's issues and abortion rights. (I do like watching Mad Men on the screen, but I'm not so sure I'd want to relive the entire era. I certainly would want it for my daughter!) So I guess it's good to see that the country has a preference (albeit, a very slight preference) for a slightly better version of corrupt pro-corporate government. On the bright side, the state results were more exciting this time around and suggest some real shifts in attitudes. We now have states with some of the most lax marijuana policies in the world. It's hard to believe that Washington now has more liberal policies in this regard than British Columbia (where you can get marijuana prescribed for acne.) And same-sex marriage laws are also catching up with shifting attitudes (especially among younger voters). These are good changes. It'll be interesting to see if these laws survive federal challenges.


Jazzbumpa said...

represent a less fragrantly plutocratic version

I think you mean "flagrantly", though I agree that Democratic plutocracy is marginally less fetid.


Karlo said...

Yikes. I must be turning Japanese. My "R"s and "L"s are converging into a single phonological representation.