2 September 2012

F---ing ridiculous

I'm biased, of course, but even so--the Republicans at the convention seem to have outdone even themselves in setting themselves up as the party of the rich. As befitting the party's character, the overall tone was snide. Clint Eastwood's rambling speech which had a missing Obama supposedly telling him and Romney to "go f--- themselves" was bizarre in that the speech writers seemed to be unable to pinpoint a single clear issue. (The "go f____ yourself" comment is so out of character for Obama that it was hard to even grasp the speech-writer's comedic intent.) The issues that were discussed--the dismal economy and the two wars--weren't very interesting as they're both legacies of the Bush mis-adminstration. Eastwood suggested that Romney would "bring the troops home tomorrow." (Wasn't Romney running as the "beef up the military" and kick-everyone's-ass president?!! Oh, well.) He claimed that Romney and Ryan would somehow bring the country together, healing its divisions. I guess this might be a possibility if we just kicked out all blacks, Hispanics, women, college students, and educated whites who live in cities.


Jazzbumpa said...

Thank you for watching this cluster-fuck, so i didn't have to.

See also, Ed.



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Diana said...

Thanks for saying it so well.

Couldn't agree more.