12 June 2012

The plebs have spoken

Stolen from Rook's rant.

11 June 2012

Prometheus and Another Earth

I recently watched Prometheus and would recommend it. Much in the movie is left unexplained, but the basic idea for the story (the existential question of what it would mean to create new life forms or to be a created life form) is intriguing. The film's a cross between sci-fi flick and horror film. I personally wish they would have had less focus on the horror element so that they could have filled in more of the sci-fi element. I also watched Another Earth--a much more low-budget film that adopts the unlikely premise that another Earth (with all the same people on it) shows up in Earth's orbit. For those hoping for a rich sci-fi experience, this can't be recommended since less than a minute of the entire film shows anything from the other planet (which isn't that interesting after all, since it resembles our own planet in every detail). The only effect used in the entire film is the Earth that's superimposed on the sky. That said, the film is very watchable, if not a bit melancholy.