28 March 2012

Mad men

I really think the Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot with their assault on women's rights. I just can't believe that this demographic of white males pulled right out of a smoke-filled room in Mad Men, represents a winning combination at the polls. Of course, we'll rapidly stop hearing about all these "moral" issues after the Republic race is decided. Nevertheless, it's a reminder of how backward-thinking the party has become.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

I can't decide which one astounds me more, these backward thinking white guys that spout these beliefs, or the women who support them?

Karlo said...

I'd go with--the women who support them. Hell, even I fill nostalgic for smoke-filled rooms and obedient secretaries in short skirts sometimes (before my moral instinct kicks in), but for women to yearn for their days as second-class citizens is ridiculous. I can't believe we're still dealing with this stuff in 2012. Weren't we supposed to be driving around in flying electric cars in the age of the new woman (and, by extension, new man) by now? What happened?