30 March 2012

Jobs numbers

I don't think Obama's been much of a president. That said, the Republicans are likely to do much greater damage if they're given the reins. As Romney goes on and on about Obama's mismanagement, it's important to remember just how dismal things were in the U.S. after Republicans had been allowed to pass out endless favors to their rich friends. This chart's very telling:


wunelle said...

The fiction I now hear from my uniformly-conservative coworkers is that the country was NEVER on the edge of an economic meltdown: the stimulus was just another Democratic spending spree. Another revision of history to fit current political aims.

I agree that O. has been a disappointment. To me, he campaigned as a progressive and has governed basically as a Republican. But he at least stanched the horrid blood-letting and averted a total collapse. And he must be judged, in all his tepidity, against the disastrous charlatans who would take his place.

Karlo said...

I totally agree. The revision of history is Orwellian at times. We're only talking about four years--it seems like people would be able to remember.