13 December 2011

Some reflections on Melancholia and Caprica

I watched Melancholia over the weekend. For those expecting a sci-fi premise, this is likely to be disappointing, since nearly the entire film focuses on an eccentric bride-to-be's severe depression. The movie gets credit for creativity, I suppose. But I can't say that I loved it. I also recently watched the TV series Caprica on Netflix. I think this is one of the best made-for-tv sci-fi series that I've ever seen. For some reason, the better the series, the shorter they seem to run. It's as if the public can keep watching a sci-fi series only if it involves spaceships shooting at each other with plots that could come directly from a cheap Western. Caprica has an incredible mix of plot lines which ask intriguing questions about basic matters such as the line separating science and faith and the nature of personal identity. The characters are all complex and realistic. I particularly like the Sister Clarice character. She's an odd combination of zealot and realist (in some ways, she strikes me as a female religious version of Lenin).