17 June 2011

Sex, violence, and news we'll never read

There's something terribly fitting about spectators coming to blows as they queue up to see a murder trail (that of Casey Anthony). In other news of the ridiculous, Weiner has slowly succumbed to the media hyenas' feeding frenzy. I can't help feeling that this is really more about image than substance. One has to wonder if Wiener would have fared better if, instead of sending pictures, he would have slept with all these women. We expect our politicians to be power-hungry, but we don't like it when they begin to imitate all our plebian foibles. American politics is so corrupt that all these sexual escapades pale in comparison to the criminal enterprise we now label "government." But plutocracy and kleptocracy is old news. We all love a good sex tale or murder mystery. Slow robberies involving the entire economic system are less titillating.


Diana said...

The Weiner scandal reveals more than just his sexual proclivities, it is just one more example of the sheer stupidity of our "representatives." When the people who are supposed to be smarter than the rest of us are seen to be idiots, the public will mercilessly take him down.

You're right, he would have faired better had he slept with each of the women. But that he exposed himself (pun intended) because he didn't know how to use twitter is unforgivable.

Karlo said...

Watching the lurid details appear, I kept wondering how a busy public servant had time for all that back and forth with random women from the internets.

Diana said...

Lurid indeed. To see him sitting at his desk half naked in front a webcam with a picture of his family behind him is aweful creepy.

Public servant my ass.