20 June 2011

Great synopsis of problems plaguing U.S. economy


Diana said...

In this simple explanation it is easy to see how this warped economic system is not sustainable, and I venture that those at the top of the pyramid know it. Hence their clamor to grab what they can before the system collapses.

Karlo said...

I'd always hoped that people at the top were a bit more rational--and I'm sure some of them are. But it now looks like they're going to kill the goose (the working class) that lays the golden eggs.

Diana said...

It may be that the system has become too complex for even the most rational minds to deal with.
Or that the foundations were never
really secure enough to hold the system up during a crisis period.

Killing the Golden Goose is an excellent metaphor for what's happening.

A house built on sand might be another.

Diana said...

Karlo, as I was clearing spam from my blog I came across a terrific post of yours written in 2004.

Have a look:

Are our heads in the clouds?


Karlo said...

Thanks so much Diana. It warms my heart to know that someone occasionally reads and appreciates one of my blog posts. Keep up the good work!

Diana said...

Just shows, your words have had staying power, all the way back to 2004!

Reminds me of what Maximus said in "The Gladiator": "What we do in life echoes in eternity."

Keep up the good work Karlo!

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