22 April 2011

Ja basta! (Warning: Birther rant may be offensive to the reality-challenged.)

I read today that about half of Republicans believe that Obama was born overseas. And adding insult to ignorance, we have the latest attempts to throw Obama off the ballots of various states based on various craziness about long and short forms and the ways that states choose to title birth documents. Such nonsense makes it hard to know what to think. On the one hand, I find the Democrats utterly reprehensible for their support for the wealthy over the interest of the middle and lower class (the lite version of the Republican platform). On the other hand, you've got this group of plutocratic kleptocrats who are foaming at the mouth about the sanctity of marriage while treating their staffers like their own private harem, all the while, spouting off visions of dinosaurs roaming Jerusalem with Jesus and African commie mulims sneaking into our borders so that they can seize power and set up one world government (come to think of it, if they could prove this about Obama, I might actually want to go out and vote for him). One can't help but think that Homo sapiens Americanus is an evolutionary dead-end.

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