17 January 2011

Mote the pillars fall

When the revelations about banks collusion with the wealthy start coming out of Wikileaks, my guess is that all hell will break loose. These are very powerful people after all, who have the most powerful politicians in their pockets. That's precisely why we need more of this sort of thing.

Rudolf M. Elmer, the former head of the Cayman Islands office of the prominent Swiss bank Julius Baer, said on Monday that he had given Julian Assange (Wikileaks founder) details of more than 2,000 prominent individuals and companies that he contends engaged in tax evasion and other criminal activity. Although he refused to name any of the individuals or companies, he did tell reporters that about 40 politicians and “pillars of society” worldwide are among them and that they come from “the U.S., Britain, Germany, Austria and Asia — from all over,” and include “business people, politicians, people who have made their living in the arts and multinational conglomerates — from both sides of the Atlantic.”


Diana said...

I champion wikileaks and Julian Assange for these revelations. It's wonderful to see the truth revealed, and yet I can't help but wonder what's to come of it. What does "all hell will break loose" really mean? Will they go to jail, will the rich and powerful mend their ways, repent of their sins, turn to the light and do good?

These revelations are meant to change public opinion, to open people's eyes, to show, even prove, that everything we suspected is wrong, actually is.

But then what? What recourse do all the decent people of the world have against the rich and powerful? They have each other's back. They don't care about public opinion. They really don't.

What is to be done? How do you see this play out?

Karlo said...

"All hell breaking loose" was meant to refer to the reaction of the powerful elites. That said, I do think the leaks are significant in that they directly challenge the narrative we've been given in our news about a system that's basically fair. I've always felt that any easy way go gauge whether a person or organization is truly a threat to the plutocracy is to watch the reaction. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed as he was developing a movement that would unite the poor of all races. Assange is being attacked by just about everybody in power who can find a rock to throw.

Diana said...

I see what you mean, and I agree completely.

Diana said...

Thank you. I appreciate your very astute comment about re-reading Martin Luther King. That was actually the point I was aiming for, until I got too tired. So I took it down and hope to rewrite it this weekend.

Thanks :)

libhom said...

I eagerly await the revelations.

Sanshinseon said...

Yup, right on, Karlo! this is the most crucial thing going on these days -- if we are ever to break the death-grip of the financial elite, it's got to be soon... If only Americans had the political sense that Egyptians display!