28 October 2010

The Human Footprint

I watched The Human Footprint yesterday. It's an interesting meditation on our current industrial project. The film shows the amount of food and waste that is produced by a single person during their lifetime. Looking at the tons of stuff that it takes to keep the average American going, it's hard to imagine that we're going to recreate that lifestyle for the rest of the world.


Sabio Lantz said...

This post inspired me to write a post today. It basically says that your post reminds me of other fun facts biology:
Bats eat 1/3 their body weight in insects EACh night. Think of the horror of that consumptionism.
Grasshoppers eat their own weight in food in 16 hours -- oh the destruction. Imagine if humans at any where near those volumes!

It is all relative. Nature is all about consumption.

Karlo said...

Fair enough. That said, I think the show provides a useful Indra's net sort of reflection on just how much it takes to keep each one of us going. At the same time, grasshoppers can also get carried away at times and destroy their own habitat, forcing the species to die back for a few seasons. Hopefully, that isn't our current strategy.

libhom said...

The reality that the project displays is kind of frightening, at least to me.