23 September 2010

Heading for the waterfall? Answer: Row faster

I just skimmed through the Republicans' Pledge to America and must confess that I nodded off more than a few times. It basically calls for reducing government by cutting social programs, helping business, beefing up the trappings of the security state, and spending on defense--essentially a continuation of policies that we've been following for decades (including under Obama). So if you believe the U.S. has been going in the right direction for the last couple decades, the pledge provides comforting assurance that we'll stay in the center of the river as we head for the waterfall.


Jazzbumpa said...

"I'm a boatman, gee, I'm sore. I came home without an oar."

-- Smothers Brothers


Vancouver Voyeur said...

I have a feeling that as our population ages, those "social programs" that so many scoff at now will become their God given right to have as patriotic Americans.