25 August 2010

Do not pass go

Zach Carter has some very apropos comments on a recent NPR segment:

Roberts is arguing that the basic goals of real, living human beings are essentially the same as those of a Monopoly player. A Monopoly player wins by pushing everyone else into total poverty in order to control all resources and establish complete economic domination over his peers. People in the real world who are fueled by such motivations are not ordinary, model citizens—they are completely insane. Life is not a quest to get our hands on as much stuff as we can so our neighbors don't get to it first. A society that allows a few people to establish supreme economic dominion over all others is not a society at all—it's just a bunch of nasty brutes trying to destroy each other.

Unfortunately, domination and exploitation are driving forces that motivate the top people in our economy. (Why else would any sane person give a damn about amassing so much wealth?) But for most of us, it certainly doesn't all have the feel of a "game."


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Labrys said...

Wow, as if I needed another reason to hate playing that damned game....

Karlo said...

The game is fun. Although unlike real life, everyone becomes increasingly rich until they get bored of playing.