19 July 2010

Yarkoni's 2010 article

The lexicographers are going to throw down their tea leaves and tell all about our personalities:

Personality in 100,000 Words: A large-scale analysis of personality and word use among bloggers by Tal Yarkoni (Journal of Research in Personality, 2010)

Abstract: Previous studies have found systematic associations between personality and individual differences in word use. Such studies have typically focused on broad associations between major personality domains and aggregate word categories, potentially masking more specific associations. Here I report the results of a large-scale analysis of personality and word use in a large sample of blogs (N = 694). The size of the dataset enabled pervasive correlations with personality to be identified for a broad range of lexical variables, including both aggregate word categories and individual English words. The results replicated category-level findings from previous off-line studies, identified numerous novel associations at both a categorical and single-word level, and underscored the value of complementary approaches to the study of personality and word use.

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