30 April 2010

Gattaca or Road Warrior? Or bit of both!

The world of Gattaca approaches. It's predicted that an entire personal genome will soon be sequenced for around one grand. If it hasn't happened already, I can foresee the day when match-makers through Asia, India, and the Middle East will have this in their portfolios right along with how much a person makes and whether they like pets. Other news on the medical front--the FDA just approved a vaccine to boost the immune system of prostrate cancer patients. My guess is that we'll start to see a whole series of remarkable breakthroughs in medicine, computing, nano-technology, and other areas focused on the microscopic. Changes in the larger world (major green infrastructure development and so on) seem to be lagging and I can't imagine much happening in the U.S. (or even Europe) due to debt and America's seeming inability to think big and get ahead of the curve on upcoming technology and innovations (especially those that aren't poised to bring a rapid windfall of profits to some small clique). The recent approval of a tiny windfarm in Cape Cod (after much brouhaha) is a case in point.

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