24 March 2010

No more island

I post this comic in commemoration of fiercely disputed New Moore island which has been inundated with sea water and is thus disputed no more. When I saw the original article posted elsewhere, I couldn't help but smirk at some readers' comments--spiked tea party folk who insisted that the island must be sinking because global warming was an impossibility. But then again, maybe I don't keep up with the news enough. Evidently, the U.S. recently became socialist. I must be the main character of my own Truman Show because I still see the same unemployment, collapsing infrastructure, unemployment lines, and wide rich-poor gap that I saw before our sudden socialist turn. Obamic socialism must only be affecting the rural white counties of South Dakota from which these people harken.

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libhom said...

BBC's coverage was so surreal. It freaked me out that they were more interested about making snarky comments regarding the India/Bangladesh dispute than the larger significance of the story. I kept wanting to scream at the Editor, "Can you say, canary in a coal mine?"