22 March 2010

Health bill passes after all

The healthcare bill has passed. This is probably a good thing, although the bill disappoints in so many ways. It fails to reign in cost increases, which will ultimately swamp the system. It also fails to do away with insurance companies, which any decent bill would have made obsolete. On the other hand, our system has just about been destroyed at this point by elite interests and the desire for ever-greater profits at a time when most of our incomes are standing still or declining, so any change is good change.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a good thing, now they can work on fixing the rest, it can not be done over night, but it has a start. Watch out insurance company's.. Raping the public, is going to stop....
p from NY

BadTux said...

But regulating MLR's (Medical Loss Ratios) and adding an independent ombudsman who can force claims to be paid, as this bill does, basically turns insurance companies into regulated utilities. Which isn't a great thing (public utility companies generally provide better service for less money than regulated utilities), but isn't a boon for insurers either as the far left claims. Yeah, there's gonna be a mandate to buy insurance, but the insurance you're going to get is going to actually pay when you need it and it's not going to be an outrageous profit for the insurers, unlike the situation now.

Aside from that, the bill is pretty weak. My biggest gripe is the limited subsidies for the working class, which are in the form of tax credits and which will basically cause most working class families into either paying the fine or borrowing money from someone, somehow, to pay for the health insurance ahead of time before they get reimbursed by the Feds at the end of the year. More could/should have been done for workers forced into part-time status by employers trying to get out of paying benefits in order to give their employers an incentive to make them full-time employees too. Still, it's a lot better than nothing. Which is what too many have now.

- Badtux the Practical Penguin

Anonymous said...

Swerve Left,

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