20 December 2009

Recent movies

I just saw Avatar and was impressed. I'd read "critics" claim that the movie has no plot and is simply visuals. I have no idea what they're comparing it to. It's good fun. I also watched The Union: Business Behind Getting High. I'd recommend it. My hope is that the U.S. will now simply legalize pot by making it a prescription drug. The better way, of course, would be to simply sell it openly, but we're evidently unable to talk about the issue (part of the great silence in U.S. media about all things real). I also watched The Botany of Desire--a film about the genetics of apples, tulips, marijuana, and potatoes. Last but not least, I saw a Jump Tomorrow--a very clever film done without major actors and car crashes but with much verve. Long live verve!


oldwhitelady said...

I was impressed by avatar, too. I thought there was a good plot plus beautiful scenery. It was most excellent.

Karlo said...

Kind of made you want to jump into the nearest starship, didn't it!