10 August 2009

This is what the best looks like?

For the life of me, I just don't get this conservative meme about the U.S. healthcare being the greatest in the world. This morning, I call my primary care doctor, who I'm supposed to see in order to get access to any healthcare, and was told that he was booked up solid for the next four months. I then called my insurance company and after punching in keys to no avail and then talking to a computer that couldn't understand my English, was told to call back Wednesday when I might be able to get through. After much frustration, I eventually reached a living person and was told to try a walk-in clinic. And this is what the most expensive healthcare system in the world is supposed to look like? What a frikkin' joke! We really need to toss a die on a map of northern hemisphere and adopt wholesale the first country's system where the die lands. (We'll have a roll-over rule if it lands on the U.S. or Russia.)

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Anonymous said...

Guess am lucky, generally no more than day for sick calls, often same day if too busy, then they send to walk-in, or er if waranted. But have insurance, and my co-pays are awful, this week so far, co-pays just for routine checkups. $80. and when physcriptions get filled this weekend, at least another 75, on one pay check for the most part. I have less money to use now than when we had 4 kids in the house. Now dental insurance is another thing all together, and do have very good dental, but fees are so far out of wack, need to take out loan to pay co-pays for that. So just do'nt go even with insurance. Pat from NY.