3 August 2009

Insipid people

I watched Funny People last tonight. Having heard some favorable reports, I was quite disappointed. It's humorless, formulaic, and predictable. Worst of all, like some many films of this type, the humor is consistently crass, plagiarized from the walls of junior high boys' bathrooms. Go see the movie if you can laugh at various syntactic variations of "licking balls" five dozen times. Anymore, I'm thinking that U.S. would be much better off if we just spun a bottle around a map of the world and adopted wholesale the first health system that it pointed to. We could then repeat the process and import films of the country that the bottle pointed to (with some good dubbing if the country didn't speak English).


Comrade Kevin said...

People who enjoy that film ought to not have health care coverage.

Karlo said...

(: I didn't think of that!