15 August 2009

Boycott Whole Foods? Getta life!

People are calling for a boycott of Whole Foods because of the conservative views the CEO voiced about healthcare reform. I've got news for these people. Most CEOs have such views, so if you really want to be consistent, you're going to have to stop shopping all together. To make matters worse, Whole Foods is about as green and likeable as a corporation can get--with John Mackey and top management voluntarily taking an exceedingly small share of company profits. Boycotts are a great idea, but if anyone has any sense, Whole Foods should be on the very bottom of the list of companies to boycott.

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Swanksalot said...

Yeah, I have a similar reaction as you. John Mackey may be a twat, but he's not alone in the CEO ranks.

PENolan said...

A new Whole Foods is opening across the street from me next week. I was pissed at first because I remember the first Whole Foods back in Austin where you could buy weed from the guy at the fish counter. It's an expensive lifestyle company now, like Starbucks, and I was pissed because I can't get 3 cans of tomato sauce for $1 in my neighborhood anymore.

Then John Mackey was caught messing around o the internet trying to manipulate the stock prices of some company he was fixing to buy. When the Masters of the Universe down on Wall Street expressed shock and dismay over his behavior, he laughed at them for believing what they read on the internet.

Now I'm proud to have an Austin outpost here on my corner in NYC.
John Mackey may be driven by the profit motive like the rest of them, but at least he's got a sense of humor.

There are better ways to devote our personal energy and resources than boycotting Whole Foods, of all places.

libhom said...

Actually, from the boycotters I found out that Whole Paycheck is a nasty, union busting corporations. Mackey also made false statements about a competitor during a takeover battle using an anonymous Yahoo account.

I think the false advertising is what really set people off. Whole Paycheck is as evil as Xe, KBR, Microsoft, and Exxon-Mobile, yet it markets itself as this noble, progressive company.

Personally, I won't shop there again until Mackey is gone and Whole Foods supports single payer.

ShortWoman said...

Boycott them? Does not being able to afford to shop there count?

Karlo said...

If we follow the boycott, do we still get to go there once a month and eat all their free samples of cheese?