3 July 2009

Around the internets

Mick Arran connects the dots, from Greenspan of yesteryear to the financial debacle of today. Intrepid Liberal Journal muses about living on $2 a day. To help with low-budget menu planning, Tild shares the secret of Red Russian Kale and Red Onion Savory Breakfast Squares. Looking at how the other side lives, Nate Hagens reflects on the psychology of overconsumption. There were also several parting kisses to some lady in Alaska. Down south, Alabama's poised to take the number one spot for fattest state in the nation from Mississippi (increasing the likelihood that the entire Republican Party will die in a simultaneous cardiac arrest within the next decade). The Rambling Taoist considers shephards and sheeple. Dohiyi Mir claims we need more jesters in politics. And Doug Ireland is interviewed (in French) about the significance of the Stone Wall riots.


Comrade Kevin said...

I'm not surprised, particularly when the traditional Southern diet is high salt and high fat.

Poverty factors in too, of course, since many families increasingly rely on fast food in lieu of more nourishing meals fixed at home. And with poverty comes a lack of education to inform people of their unhealthy choices.

It's part of the stroke belt for a reason.

Karlo said...

I've heard that bacon, lard, and glazed donuts are still popular, along with all those wonderful southern fried foods.