30 March 2009

Taibbi's Rolling Stone Article

"No empire can survive being rendered a permanent laughingstock."

Matt Taibbi presents his irreverent take on the current crisis. I think his vision of the U.S. as a kleptocracy vs. an incompetent Republic is right on: Some excerpts:

So it's time to admit it: We're fools, protagonists in a kind of gruesome comedy about the marriage of greed and stupidity. And the worst part about it is that we're still in denial — we still think this is some kind of unfortunate accident, not something that was created by the group of psychopaths on Wall Street whom we allowed to gang-rape the American Dream.

The mistake most people make in looking at the financial crisis is thinking of it in terms of money, a habit that might lead you to look at the unfolding mess as a huge bonus-killing downer for the Wall Street class. But if you look at it in purely Machiavellian terms, what you see is a colossal power grab that threatens to turn the federal government into a kind of giant Enron — a huge, impenetrable black box filled with self-dealing insiders whose scheme is the securing of individual profits at the expense of an ocean of unwitting involuntary shareholders, previously known as taxpayers.


The Rambling Taoist said...

It's one of the best articles I've read in years!!

Comrade Kevin said...

Gosh, I don't know what to presume anymore. I used to think I knew something about something.

Karlo said...

The oracle says you're the wisest one in the room.

sanshinseon said...

Right on, Karlo. That article is one of the best truth-speakings on this so far... Indeed, we are fucked-over big-time.

Diana said...

Hi Karlo,

I would like to read the entire article but am unable to find the link. I dunno, maybe I'm missing it. Could you repost it?



Karlo said...

Hi Diana. I actually put the link into the title of the post. Sorry about that. It's http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/26793903/the_big_takeover.

Diana said...

Ah, I see now.

Thanks again.