4 February 2009

The sky is a-fallin'

All hell's breaking loose (or so I've been told). State-subsidized bankers will now have to find a way to live on half a million a year. (No more soaking in caviar-filled hot-tubs in the private jet, I'm afraid.) To make matters worse, one of our current mavins informs me that we're all becoming puritans. Hopefully, we won't piss them rich folk off too much lest the seasons fall into disorder (quite possible, with global warming), the plants stop growing, and the livestock all refuse to procreate.


BadTux said...

How dare they! You need at least a million dollars a year to live in the smallest reasonable home on the market! I mean, sheesh. You want bankers to have to give up their indoor swimming pools and home theatres?!

- Badtux the Tongue-in-Beak Penguin
(who would *love* to make $500K/year!).

PENolan said...

Seasons in Disorder? Dang, that's a sign of Armageddon. Where are the four horsemen? Personally, I think they're the Disney Princesses, but I could be wrong.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

If it proves to be too much for them, I will humbly offer my services for a half million a year. It's the least I can do.

libhom said...

Vancouver: I was about to make the same offer.