21 February 2009

How the other half (actually 0.001%) lives

This is entertaining. Go to the Executive PayWatch Database and find out what various CEOs make. You can even compare yourself. I'll need to work 500 years to make the Bank of America CEO's annual salary.


libhom said...

The rich don't pay anywhere near their fair share in taxes.

Karlo said...

After the first 100 grand, there should be a 100% tax rate. We don't need an aristocratic class.

sanshinseon said...

But that's what we've gotten, according to the latest excellent rant by leftist-econ prof M. Hudson:

"The Counter-Enlightenment (pushed by the vested interests) is creating a world that would have been deemed a dystopia a century ago – something so pessimistic that no futurist dared depict a world run by venal and corrupt bankers, protecting as their prime customers the monopolies, real estate speculators and hedge funds whose economic rent, financial gambling and asset-price inflation is turned into a flow of interest in today’s rentier economy. Instead of industrial capitalism increasing capital formation we are seeing finance capitalism strip capital, and instead of the promised world of leisure we are being drawn into one of debt peonage."

Read it all, it's worth it: