14 January 2009

Dealing with the Bush legacy

WaPo today is full of articles on U.S. torture. On page A-1, Sasan Crawford, the top Bush administration official in charge of determining whether detainees should stand trial, states explicity that "we tortured Qahtani." On A-8, former lieutenant-colonel Vandeveld says that evidence in the terror cases is a complete mess with much evidence missing or apparently destroyed. Hopefully, the new president can turn this all around.


wunelle said...

I fear eight years of this confederacy of maladjusts has wrought more havoc than any one man can remedy. I guess it's good to stanch the bleeding in any case. But I think our new prez has a nigh-unto undoable task.

Karlo said...

Obama does seem to be moving in the right direction on the issue so far. There is much to be (un)done.