6 November 2008

Join the Palin 2012 committee!

I'm in full agreement with conservatives who feel that Palin should be the bright new symbol of the GOP. She fully embodies all its fundamental principles--emphasis on image over substance, disdain for science, ignorance of even basic facts (Africa is a continent), and love of wealth and crass persuits. It's now come to light that 150 grand wasn't enough for her wardrobe--she had to twist the arms of some of the staff so that she could "borrow" their credit cards. Is this the same lady who was lecturing me a month ago about how to balance my checkbook? Palin is indeed a perfect symbol for what the party stands for.


ddjango said...

Better still, I've just joined the Independent Alaska movement. So has Pootie-Poot.

We'll declare "bitchtory" soon.

Comrade Kevin said...

Joe Six-Pack indeed wishes he could spent thousands of dollars at Sacks Fifth Avenue. How better to show the common touch than to buy same clothes one can get at a department store, just ten times more expensive.

Rasmenia said...

Well, come on...she can't be expected to know a country from a continent - it's not as though she can see Africa from her house.

Knowledge of the North American continent is just as irrelevant.

What really matters is a fine fashion sense & moose burgers. That's just the way of the maverick.